Guest Post: The Coalition’s work from the perspective of a nurse, graduate student and mom

15094327_1301651366523453_450389998533640759_nSue Seepersaud is a graduate student in nursing at the University of Maryland. She completed her practicum with the Coalition in the fall of 2016, spending time with each program and assisting with a marketing campaign around safe sleep practices. She shares her experience as a nurse and new mom.

As a student in a Public Health Nursing Master’s program, I was very excited when I learned that I would be doing my practicum with the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition.  I was familiar with the organization but was unaware of all the benefits and services they offered.  I was also a new mother with an eight-month-old baby girl, so being able to work with individuals who had a passion for improving the health of babies, women and families would make the experience an even better one.

sue-bbwOnce I started my practicum, I realized that the Coalition offered a myriad of services that provided lifelong benefits.  There are nurses that do home visits with mothers and educate them about many topics including breastfeeding, and there are programs offered that assist clients in living healthier lives.  The Coalition also links clients with resources, should they not offer certain services that some individuals may require.  I definitely think that this is an organization that all women and families should know about.

The experience with the Coalition has thus far been a great one.  Learning about the needs of the community and what the Coalition is doing to help has made me want to work with babies, women and families once I graduate.

sueI attended the Coalition’s yearly fundraiser, the Baby Buggy Walk in the Park, and had a wonderful time.  My fiancé and I brought our daughter to the Baby Buggy Walk and enjoyed the event, the cause and the overall positive atmosphere.  We already plan on attending next year’s walk.  I now follow the Coalition on social media and will continue to do so as the posts are pretty informative.  I would urge all pregnant women to take advantage of the services and programs that the Coalition offers because there is no greater joy than delivering and holding a healthy, beautiful baby.