Georgia moms held nurse-in to protest laws

At five locations throughout Georgia, mothers protested their rights to breastfeed — not with signs but with nursing babies.

The nurse-in, held Monday, March 5, was held to bring to the attention of lawmakers the need to protect breastfeeding in public. Georgia moms are worried they could be charged for indecent behavior.

Some mothers still feel a stigma attached to breastfeeding in public, while others find themselves censored — like Nirvana Jennette, a Camden County mother who was asked to leave her church after breastfeeding. Jennette organized the Nurse-In at the county courthouse in Woodbine.

Breastfeeding improves health outcomes, protects against obesity and reduces health care costs across the lifespan. Breast milk is designed by the body to provide the nutrients a baby needs based on age and feeding habits.