For Professionals: Tools to talk about weight loss and obesity

Obesity has become an epidemic in America, and can have particularly bad outcomes in pregnant women, but a recent study shows that more than half of patients reported their doctors don’t discuss it with them.

The Weight-control Information Network has an online publication called “Talking with Patients about Weight Loss” created specifically for primary care physicians. According to their site, research shows that patients who were counseled in a primary care setting about the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity had great outcomes: they lost weight, consumed less fat and exercised more than patients who did not receive counseling.

Dr. Robert F. Kushner, MD, Medical Director, and Editor, American Medical Association’s Primer on Adult Obesity, offers general physician tips in “How to Talk to Your Patients about Their Weight.”

The New York State Department of Health offers suggestions of physicians for handling obesity and weight control during preconception and prenatal periods. “Managing Maternal Obesity” focuses on how to prevent morbidity and mortality resulting from obesity and includes a lists of weight management resources.