Fatherhood PRIDE: Keeping dad in the game for success

Fathers play a pivotal part in a child’s development. New evidence shows that children with early father involvement are more likely to be and stay healthy. The Coalition’s Fatherhood PRIDE program works to keep fathers in Northeast Florida engaged, present and accounted for so their children survive and thrive.iStock_000016287227Large

An active male role in the early stages of babies’ development produced better performance in cognitive test by the age of two according to a new study by research teams from Oxford University, King’s College and College London. Dads have a more stimulating and rigorous style of encouragement, which in return leads to a child exploring more on their own and in return could lead to quicker cognitive development.

There has been a proven positive link between involved fathers and higher test scores, whether the child was a boy or girl, according to the study. The Fatherhood PRIDE program works to get fathers involved with their children during pregnancy. The program offers a Boot Camp for New Dads course that prepares new fathers to take care of a baby. Dads-to-be learn from dads who have successfully Love you, Dadtransitioned into fatherhood. Other courses offered include 24/7 Dad, Inside Out Dad and Mom as Gateway. Fatherhood PRIDE also works with dads to help them find employment, further their education, understand how to manage their finances and much more.

The role that a father plays in their children’s lives is important. If you know a father that could benefit from Fatherhood PRIDE services, please fill out the referral form and enroll today. Fathers can also refer themselves by completing this form.