Evaluation highlights success of parenting pilot

Participants in the New Town Success Zone Children’s University pilot significantly improved their knowledge and behavior in key areas of parenting according to a final evaluation report.

An analysis of pre- and post-questionnaires completed by participants showed significant gains in parent/caregiver interaction, specifically reading; bed sharing; understanding discipline vs. punishment, and selected home safety activities. Following completion of the parenting series, all participants indicated that playing , reading and discipline all impacted brain development in children, rather than just one of these activities alone.

Shands Jacksonville implemented the year-long pilot using a research-based curriculum developed by the Jacksonville Children’s Commission. Funding was provided by Healthy Start and the Community Foundation of Jacksonville. A total of 64 parents and other caregivers participated in the pilot, half of whom completed the entire series of classes.

The New Town Success Zone (NTSZ) is collaborative, community effort to develop a continuum of services for children age 0-18 in a designated neighborhood of Jacksonville.