Coalition staff “March for Babies”

Coalition members marched over the Acosta and Main Street bridges and through downtown Jacksonville on Saturday in support of some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens: babies born too soon, too small and very sick.

A dozen staff members and Coalition supporters took part in the March of Dimes’ “First Coast March for Babies.”

We raised $1,300, all of which will go to the March of Dimes, a huge supporter and community partner of Healthy Start. They fund the Camellia Project, which aims to improve health knowledge and behaviors and provide support for women who have had a baby in the NICU, to reduce the risk of recurrent poor birth outcomes.

The First Coast walk raised more than $636,000 in total, surpassing their 2011 goal. Funds support research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives.

Thank you to everyone who walked with us and those who donated to this important cause!

Our walkers:

  • Faye Johnson
  • Pam Frennier (and daughter)
  • Michelle Clark (and son)
  • Audrey Hall
  • Erin Petrie
  • Nina Odom
  • Carol Brady (and husband)
  • Jennifer Salah
  • Cathy duPont
  • Juarlyn Smith