Coalition staff, Healthy Start providers trained on Safe Baby curriculum

Safe Baby2Too many of our babies die of preventable causes. Now local Healthy Start providers and Coalition staff have more tools to address some of those causes — namely shaken baby syndrome and sleep-related deaths — after attending a training on the Safe Baby curriculum.

The curriculum, developed by the Healthy Start Coalition of Hillsborough County, provides professionals who work directly with families information on how to teach parents how to choose a safe caregiver for their children, prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome and promote safe sleep. Sleep-related deaths account for 17 percent of all infant deaths in the region, while many children are injured and die each year of intentional injuries.

Safe Baby1Lisa Colen, Director of Community Outreach & Education with the Hillsborough Coalition, conducted the training. All eight Healthy Start subcontractors had a staff member trained. Four Coalition staff were also trained — the Special Community Projects Liaison, Outreach Specialist/AmeriCorps member and representatives from the Magnolia Project and the Responsible Fatherhood program.

Curriculum training for additional groups in the community will be available this fall. For more information, contact Lisa Read.

The training was funded through grant support from the CJ Foundation for SIDS.