Coalition sets 2016-17 priorities

2015 annual report collageEach year, the Coalition adopts an annual action plan to guide activities and focus efforts and resources on areas that have the biggest impact on infant mortality and birth outcomes. The Coalition membership adopted the 2016-17 action plan during its April meeting.

The 2009-2015 Service Delivery Plan that currently directs efforts and subsequent Annual Action Plans follows the life course — from infancy through childhood and adolescence and preconception health to pregnancy and childbirth. The Coalition will be developing an updated service delivery plan this year.

The full presentation on the action plan update is available here.

Infancy: Efforts are focused around infant mortality, health disparities, low birth weight and post neonatal deaths. Additions include:

  • Implement a coordinated intake and referral system using the Healthy Start prenatal screen
  • Conduct training with hospital staff and OB/GYN providers that administer the Healthy Start screen
  • Conduct a Safe Sleep survey to identify reasons parents cosleep/bedshare

Childhood & Adolescence: Efforts are focused around childhood obesity, teen STI/HIV rates and repeat births to teens. Additions include:

  • Continued implementation of the BrdsNBz NE Florida text message warmline
  • Increase awareness of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)

Preconception: Efforts are focused on multivitamin use, smoking cessation, STI/HIV rates, obesity and interconceptional intervals. Additions include:

  • Implement primary case services at the Magnolia Project and incorporate yoga, weight loss and nutrition

Pregnancy & Childbirth: Efforts are focused on early prenatal care, tobacco use, maternal mortality, single motherhood and infant mortality. Additions include:

  • Continue the Substance Abuse Task Force and implement strategies to reduce substance-exposed newborns