CHIPRA performance bonuses released; Florida misses opportunity again

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare released the 2011 CHIPRA performance bonuses in December. Twenty-three states received bonuses totalling more than $296 million, but even though enrollment is up, Florida missed the opportunity to pull more money in again.

Since the Childrens Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act was passed in 2009, CMS has awarded bonuses to state who meeting two goals set forth in the CHIPRA statute: have at least five out of eight program features known to facilitate enrollment and retention in health coverage programs and submit data to document a significant increase in Medicaid enrollment among children over the course of the fiscal year.

Florida only has two of the features in place.

The program features include:

  • Continuous Eligibility
  • Liberalization of Asset Requirements
  • Elimination of In-Person Interview
  • Same App and Renewal Form
  • Auto/ Admin. Renewal
  • Presumptive Eligibility
  • Express Lane
  • Premium Assistance Subsidies

For more information on the performances bonuses, visit Insure Kids Now.