Children’s Home Society now provides Healthy Start services in St. Johns County

Children’s Home Society of Florida is now providing Healthy Start services to moms, infants and families in St. Johns County as of September 1. They have been a Coalition community partner in many areas, and we are thrilled to partner with them to increase healthy birth outcomes in St. Johns. The Coalition oversees contracted services for five counties in Northeast Florida, including St. Johns.

Children’s Home Society (CHS) has been serving families in Northeast Florida since 1902. The history of the organization has been based in child welfare and adoption, but now the programs are focusing on an upstream of services from prevention on forward – integrating services into the community that are individualized to the needs of each client.

Children’s Home Society of Florida also has the contract for the St. Johns County Healthy Families program through Healthy Families Florida, and currently provides Healthy Start services for low-risk mothers in Duval County.

Jessica Henderson, director of program operations at Children’s Home Society of Florida, considers care coordination to be a multiple-stop shop, implementing community resources and partnerships into reaching moms at all levels.

“Our main priority is building relationships in order to serve our clients,” Jessica said. “It takes a well-resourced village to change outcomes for families.”

Jessica views the ability for CHS St. Johns to host both the Healthy Start and Healthy Families programs as an opportunity to build established trust for family engagement in their services and for them to serve families through the pregnant and parenting trajectory. She is also excited to add another level of expertise to their clinical services for infant and early childhood.

Jessica Henderson, director of program operations at Children’s Home Society of Florida, standing by the Coalition’s bus before attending our board meeting

“The training opportunities that Healthy Start provides are a great evidence-based resource for screening for substance use, maternal depression, mental health needs and more,” Jessica said.