Back to sleep campaign underway in Clay County

National Infant Mortality  Awareness Month

Keep an eye out Clay County: Safe sleep messages are coming your way. The Clay County Health Department — Healthy Start program is running billboards, newspaper ads and movie theater ads to spread the word about the importance of safe sleep for babies.

Each week of the newspaper Clay Today will feature a full-page PSA with rotating messages about Safe Sleep and Tummy Time. A 15-second PSA will show before every movie at Orange Park AMC theaters starting Friday Sept. 9 and run through the end of the month.

There are also two billboards up: one near Sun Trust as you’re heading south on Blanding and one on I-295 just south of Blanding starting.

The ads emphasize the importance of safe sleep measures — babies should be on their backs, alone and in a crib. Tummy time is for babies who are awake and is important for building strength and increasing mobility. This information is important for both  parents and any caregivers of the baby, like grandparents, sitters and day cares.

Sleep-related deaths account for approximately 15 percent of all infant deaths in Northeast Florida. Most are preventable when safe sleep measures are followed.