2020 Dorothy Wilson Mabry Award Recipient: Laurie Moore

The 2020 Dorothy Wilson Mabry Award in Recognition of Outstanding Accomplishments by a Healthy Start Participant or Grass-Roots Community Leader was presented at the January 2020 Coalition Meeting to Laurie Moore, a former Healthy Families Jacksonville participant.

Laurie is the mother of 10-year-old twin boys who participated in Healthy Families Jacksonville when they were babies. She credits the program for many triumphs in the primary stages of raising her boys, including discerning developmental delays early and providing the family with much needed resources during times of the financial hardship. Laurie now takes her time to give back to the program. She donates Easter baskets, school supplies, Christmas toys and more to the families currently participating in Healthy Families Jacksonville because she knows what it is like to face challenges. Laurie continues to support Healthy Families because of the program’s dedication to identifying and mobilizing an array of community resources that enrich families.

This award is intended to recognize the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of a participant in the Healthy Start program or a grass-roots community leader. The award honors the legacy of Dorothy Wilson Mabry, a community volunteer and advocate, who devoted her life to supporting the empowerment and achievement of young women and vulnerable families. The Wilson Family provided a generous donation in honor of their mother which supports a stipend for the award recipient.