2011 FIMR recommendations released

The Fetal and Infant Mortality Review findings and recommendations were released at the October 20 Coalition meeting. The recommendations are based on 2010 data, which shows great strides in reducing the infant mortality rate among all segments of the population in Northeast Florida.

The most frequently identified factors in FIMR review cases

FIMR aims to reduce infant mortality by gathering and reviewing detailed information to gain a better understanding of fetal and infant deaths in Northeast Florida. The project examines cases with the worst outcomes to identify gaps in maternal and infant services and to promote future improvements.


1. Continue to focus on sleep-related deaths. Eighty percent were on an unsafe sleep surface, 63 percent were not on their backs or in infant beds and 50 percent had exposure to second- or third-hand smoke.

2. Focus on Family Planning with prenatal and interconceptional care: contraception in the immediate postpartum period, birth spacing, smoking, timely Medicaid.

3. “Did you know?” campaign to educate consumers and providers re: key facts — reinforce the importance of prenatal care, expand Baker County’s prenatal fan project into all counties and improve the dissemination of FIMR finding to all providers.

The full presentation is available on the Coalition’s FIMR Web site under “Publications.”