20 Actions in 20 Days: Community Organizations

20 Actions in 20 Days

Surgeon General Regina Benjamin has called on the entire nation to take 20 concrete action steps from the January 2011 Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding to support the removal of barriers to breastfeeding. The United States Breastfeeding Committee is hosting a “20 Actions in 20 Days” campaign to highlight these action steps and implementation strategies.

Action 5: Use community-based organizations to promote and support breastfeeding.

The Surgeon General identifies community-based organizations as a natural ally to breastfeeding support — many organizations and programs, like Healthy Start, are available to families to help them meet their needs.

Breastfeeding support is provided through Healthy Start direct services. Healthy Start also facilitates referrals to local WIC offices, which provide breastfeeding education and support.

The Coalition also participates in the Northeast Florida Breastfeeding Collaborative to to promote and support improved policies and practices in delivering hospitals in the region.

Recommendations from the Call to Action include to support and fund small nonprofit organizations that promote breastfeeding in communities of color; integrate education and support for breastfeeding into public health programs that serve new families; and ensure around-the-clock access to resources that provide assistance with breastfeeding.